CD/DVD Players

Arcam FMJ-CD23 Review

Arcam hi-fi separates have always been geared at the mass market, but they’ve frequently turned out to be a little odd. Always well-engineered, the company frequently tries bold engineering techniques, sometimes with tremendous success — as evidenced by this high-end CD player introduced at the turn of the century. The FMJ CD23 was a development […]

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Linn CD12 Review

The Philips-supplied laser pick-up system was meant to be separated from the CD12’s main chassis, making it immune to extraneous disturbances like loudspeaker vibration (both mechanically coupled and airborne). High-speed DSP was employed to control the CD control/servo circuits, and a puck was used to control them. The spindle motor was brushless for electromagnetically silent

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Marantz SA-1 Review

The SA-1 from Marantz was the state-of-the-art in high-resolution digital audio thinking in 2001. Compact Disc had been around for about two decades, during which time it had been polished and streamlined to the point that it could no longer function. Thanks to the redoubtable talents of its technical figurehead Ken Ishiwata, Marantz had shown

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Sony CDP-911 Review

It’s often argued that the 1960s didn’t begin until the middle of the decade, and that they didn’t end until the mid-1970s… Perhaps you might say the same about the 1980s, because the Sony CDP-911, despite its 1993 release, is very much a product of that decade. Even though it’s several generations removed from Sony’s

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