Radio Tuners

Sony ST-J60 Review

The ST-J55 (£200), ST-J60 (£295), and flagship ST-J75 (£375) were the top of Sony’s radical new 1978 tuner series. These were a stylistically bold departure for the Japanese consumer electronics giant, with slimline proportions that contrasted sharply with the enormous models that came before them. The build quality and finish were outstanding, albeit the new […]

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Sony ST-S770ES Review

Sony Corporation was Japan’s most well-known manufacturer of high-end electronics in 1991, offering everything from Trinitron televisions and MiniDisc recorders to portable video cameras and CD players. Basically, if you wanted a ‘good’ TV or hi-fi, you could skip the hassle of looking around and just get a Sony, which was always likely to be

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Yamaha CT-7000 Review

In the grand scheme of things, this tuner is famed for its superior design and ergonomics. It features classic aesthetics that Yamaha has lately reintroduced for their hi-fi separates; only a small patina of age on a CT-7000 indicates that it was designed in 1973 rather than 2013. It’s regular size at 436x144x352mm, but it’s

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Aiwa AT-9700 Review

Tuners are rarely sought after. Even the best representatives of the species, such as high-end turntables or gigantic open reels, struggle to stir passions. But Aiwa’s AT-9700 was different: it was one of the first tuners with a digital frequency display, and it was super modern in the 1970s sense. This seemed to be the

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Meridian 104 Review

It’s interesting how some iconic goods have vanished into the mists of time, completely forgotten, while others are still talked about decades later. The 104 tuner from Meridian is an example of the former, but it also deserves to be the latter! It has Allen Boothroyd to credit for its wonderful packaging and ergonomics, and

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