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Marantz CD6000 KI Review

The ambassador from Marantz is treating us like royalty. Only the KI-Signature badges set the CD player and amplifier out from the rest. Not for individuals who simply listen to music in the background. Both the amplifier (left) and the CD player have substantial copper plating and beefed-up power supply, which are trademark Marantz/lshiwata features. […]

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Marantz CD-65 Review

Despite the Marantz refinements and a bit of their design, this is a Philips machine that comes from their Hasselt, Belgium CD player facility. It makes use of a later version of Philips’ CDM4 plastics mechanism, which has progressed from its early flimsiness to become fairly respectable, with a solid metal hub for the disc

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Marantz CD7 Review

Talk of CD’s doom is a little premature, and Marantz has produced a new flagship to show it… It wasn’t the best of times. Most rational people were more worried with wrapping gifts and destroying the Bristol Cream two days before Christmas than with the latest CD technology. But we couldn’t resist the temptation, which

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Marantz CD73 Review

The Marantz CD73 is probably not for you if you want all the bells and whistles a CD player can possibly have. The CD73, on the other hand, may be just what you’re searching for if you want faultless Compact Disc replication, superior error-correction capabilities, exceptional shock resistance, and a CD player that looks attractive

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Marantz CD-94 Review

For many years, the name Marantz has been connected with hi-fi. Saul Marantz founded the company in America, and it immediately gained a name for its valve amplifiers, among other things. The company has long been associated with the massive Philips corporation, but despite reaping significant benefits from that association, not least in recent years

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Marantz DR-17 Review

The DR-17 is a Compact Disc Recorder designed around top-quality digital components given by Philips, as well as unique Marantz technology, and shares its style and champagne finish with previous models (though it is also available in black), as well as the formidable CD-7 flagship CD player which was utilized as a source for this

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Philips CD150 Review

Philips, the inventor of the Compact Disc system, has naturally been at the forefront of following advances touching every level of the production process, from digital encoding through master disc preparation and processing to final pressing and packaging. Philips has also taken on the task of promoting the European sector in its battle against the

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Marantz CD10 Review

Is this high-end model from Marantz is as good as its cheaper siblings? Consider the market for CD players without Marantz. Isn’t it impossible? A key driving force would be lost, much like The Beatles without John Lennon. Marantz has always been a class act, taking use of its parent company’s cutting-edge, straight-from-the-CAD technology. BitStream

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Philips CD303 Review

Philips, being the creators of the CD format, were understandably the first to market with CD players, however an avalanche of designs from the Far East shortly followed. We had previously reviewed the Philips CD100, and it is still considered the ‘baby’ of the Philips series. The CD303 reviewed here is Philips’ largest machine and

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