CD/DVD Players

Philips CD840 Review

The dependence on Philips’ innovative Bitstream decoding system is the center of attention in the CD840. This model costed a little more than it’s predecessors, but not because of the new Bitstream circuitry… Indeed, hi-fi fans were assured that the Bitstream chips’ basic simplicity will drive down pricing. The CD840, on the other hand, is […]

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Philips CD960 Review

Even if we exclude the several other brand names (Mission, Meridian, Marantz, and others) that utilize the Philips chassis and mechanism, Philips had always maintained a commanding position in the sales numbers for CD players in Europe from their collaborative creation for the format (alongside Sony, of course). They had a tendency to focus their

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Marantz CD-17 Review

Marantz is one of the rare firms that has succeeded in the mainstream while also progressing along the audiophile route. Its ambitions appear to have risen steadily over the last few years, as additional refinements and advancements surface in its Reference range. The SC-5 preamplifier, for example, is available with a battery power supply (of

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Marantz CD45 Review

Experienced readers will be aware that Marantz is effectively owned by Philips, and that, while many Marantz equipment is imported from the Far East, its CD players, in particular, are based on Philips designs, despite their outward look. In actuality, Marantz is given a reasonable amount of leeway in deciding which models to target for

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Philips LHH1000 Review

The limited-edition Philips LHH1000 has a transport (which houses the laser pickup assembly, the remainder of the CD player mechanics, and the servo electronics) as well as a separate digital-to-analog converter. The proposed list price for this player is $4,000, which is half the price of some other two-piece models but still twice the price

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