Yamaha Soavo-1 Review

Small-scale specialty producers have a lot to offer. Their products are frequently more innovative, concentrated, and tailored to the demands of a fast changing market. However, big businesses can perform just as well, if not better, in other areas. Consider the enormous engineering resources available to the large international Yamaha brand, which is responsible for […]

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Spendor SA1 Review

The original Spendor SA1 loudspeaker was released soon before the BBC LS3/5a in the early 1970s, and many people thought it sounded better than its more popular competitor. The SA1 you see here, on the other hand, is a distant cousin that has evolved much since then. Only the dimensions (305x165x190mm) and the usage of

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NEAT Acoustics has been a full-fledged loudspeaker producer for several decades, although North East Audio Traders has long since ceased retail operations. Bob Surgeoner, the company’s founder, is a fascinating and amiable individual who is also a talented and prolific musician. It’s no wonder, then, that his speakers are consistently delightful to listen to. This

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Onkyo D-TK10 Review

Fascinating. This little box defies all the norms of loudspeaker cabinet design, including the notion that boxes should be seen rather than heard. If you put 10 speaker designers in a room, they’ll argue over everything from the advantages of infinite baffles and ribbon tweeters to electrostatic panels and cone materials, but none of them

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Quad ESL-57 Review

This legendary electrostatic still has a magical quality to it fifty-seven years after development began. In comparison to other loudspeakers of the time, the ESL-57 provided excellent clarity because to its mix of superb sound quality and attractive appearance. Its outstanding transparency and speed drew the attention of BBC engineers, who quickly adopted it as

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Raidho C1.1 Review

It’s difficult to be a little standmounter at the best of times, but it’s even more difficult when you’re worth £10,900. Who would be Raidho’s C1.1, a small speaker with a price tag that rivals practically every huge one? It can only justify its price by sounding really excellent in a variety of ways –

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KEF LS50 Review

The audio ability of a loudspeaker is inversely proportional to its aesthetic beauty, according to one of the universal principles of hi-fi. True, the Holy hi-fi provider has allowed an unique exception to this rule for a few high-end panel speakers, but other from that, it appears to apply to practically everything. So when I

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