KEF LS50 Review

The audio ability of a loudspeaker is inversely proportional to its aesthetic beauty, according to one of the universal principles of hi-fi. True, the Holy hi-fi provider has allowed an unique exception to this rule for a few high-end panel speakers, but other from that, it appears to apply to practically everything. So when I

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ATC SCM19 Review

ATC is the loudspeaker firm with the most passion and soul in the professional audio market. Billy Woodman founded the company in 1974 to make drive units for broadcast and recording studios. Its first design was a strong twelve-inch woofer, which clearly indicated where his focus lay. By the mid-1980s, the firm was selling to

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ATC SCM40 Review

The £3,295 ATC SCM40 is unusual in that it doesn’t look or feel like practically any other loudspeaker in its price range. It’s almost as if someone forgot to style it, as if three (albeit unusual-looking) drivers were thrown into a box supposed to do the job and then left. This stands in stark contrast

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BBC LS35a Review

The BBC’s ‘monitoring loudspeaker type LS3/5a’ has gone down in history. Some say it possesses unique features not found in any succeeding speaker, while others believe it is exaggerated and unfairly revered. Whatever your opinion is on this small box, there’s no doubting that it’s a major product in its own right… The performance of

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Bose 901 Review

Armar G Bose concluded that current loudspeakers simply didn’t offer when he created this really unusual gadget. He was fascinated by sound propagation and an outspoken supporter of spatiality in sound, but he considered most of the designs on the market were excessively directional. He thought a ‘pulsating sphere’ was the ideal shape for producing

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BW 801 Review

“To be the first commercial endeavor to design and construct a loudspeaker that reflects the greatest standards attainable without respect to any of the so-called ‘practical factors’ that ultimately compromise traditional designs,” the brief stated. The design team was given “no constraints,” according to B&W, other from the need to recreate full range sound with

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