BBC LS35a Review

The BBC’s ‘monitoring loudspeaker type LS3/5a’ has gone down in history. Some say it possesses unique features not found in any succeeding speaker, while others believe it is exaggerated and unfairly revered. Whatever your opinion is on this small box, there’s no doubting that it’s a major product in its own right… The performance of […]

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Bose 901 Review

Armar G Bose concluded that current loudspeakers simply didn’t offer when he created this really unusual gadget. He was fascinated by sound propagation and an outspoken supporter of spatiality in sound, but he considered most of the designs on the market were excessively directional. He thought a ‘pulsating sphere’ was the ideal shape for producing

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BW 801 Review

“To be the first commercial endeavor to design and construct a loudspeaker that reflects the greatest standards attainable without respect to any of the so-called ‘practical factors’ that ultimately compromise traditional designs,” the brief stated. The design team was given “no constraints,” according to B&W, other from the need to recreate full range sound with

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Spendor BC1 Review

Loudspeaker design isn’t the dark art that some consider it to be. Speakers aren’t immune to physics’ laws; in fact, it’s the principles of physics that decide the sound of any particular product. Simply put, there are the cabinets to get right, the drive units to get right, and the interplay between the two to

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Epos ES14 Review

The world of loudspeakers in the 1980s was strange, but rarely great. With its clangy, first-generation metal dome tweeter, Celestion’s SL6 was considered cutting-edge. Linn’s bizarre Isobarik, with its slew of forward-facing and upward-firing motors, was cited as a model. Many people dismissed Quad’s ESL-63 electrostatic, which had been twenty years in the making. What

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Mission 752 Review

In a world of hard, harsh, and spitty budget boxes, the Mission 752 was one of the loveliest and most fascinating economical floorstanding loudspeakers of the nineties, with a beautifully smooth, open, and easy sound. One of the reasons for this was its (at the time) cutting-edge HDA (High Definition Aerogel) mid/bass driver, which provided

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Mission 775 Review

Mission loudspeakers are well-known. For a long period in the 1990s, the brand was ubiquitous, omnipresent, and nearly synonymous with speakers in the same way that Wharfedale was in the 1970s. Some people are also familiar with Mission amplifiers, as its Cyrus line of electronics (which is now an entirely independent company) was a huge

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