A&R AR-A60 Review

The UK hi-fi market was a different country in the mid-1970s. Pioneer, Sony, JVC, Hitachi, and Wharfedale dominated the inexpensive end of the market, while KEF, Quad, Tannoy, and Celestion dominated the higher end. Even at the top end, names like Linn and Naim had yet to enter the vernacular. Japanese manufacturers were booming, and […]

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Wharfedale E70 Review

There were never that many fantastic loudspeakers in the 1970s. Speakers were increasingly complicated and power-hungry, possibly because the wisdom of the day was that big, muscular transistor power amps were the way forward. Slow transients, phase difficulties, and needlessly intricate crossovers plagued multi-driver designs using thick polypropylene and Bextrene cones, degrading the sound… The

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Wharfedale Chevin XP2

The year is 1978. The Bee Gees, as well as other acts like Tavares and Yvonne Elliman who appeared in Robert Stigwood’s magnum opus film Saturday Night Fever, are dominating the pop charts. Meanwhile, you’re a broke wannabe audiophile who can only fantasize about the exotic stuff you read about in magazines and brochures. You’re

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Sony CDP-911 Review

It’s often argued that the 1960s didn’t begin until the middle of the decade, and that they didn’t end until the mid-1970s… Perhaps you might say the same about the 1980s, because the Sony CDP-911, despite its 1993 release, is very much a product of that decade. Even though it’s several generations removed from Sony’s

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The Fascinating History of the Ukulele: From Madeira to Mainstream

The ukulele stands as a captivating musical device that has enraptured the affections of artists and enthusiasts alike for a span surpassing a century. Characterized by its diminutive dimensions and distinctive resonance, the ukulele has evolved into a symbol emblematic of Hawaiian heritage and a cherished implement across the globe. However, the question arises: What

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